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As a board-certified music therapist, I value being a life-long learner and educating others on music therapy and the effects of music experiences. I also enjoy coaching individuals through a consultation model on how to implement music experiences to promote learning, development, health, and wellness. Contact me to discuss what consultation/presentation service may best meet your needs or the needs of your organization.

"Intro to Music Therapy Presentation" provided virtually or in the community

  • A brief 20-30 minute presentation on the basics of music therapy and my private practice. This presentation is ideal for brief time frames during business and club meetings, or for anyone interested in adding music therapy services to their organization. 

  • FREE


Presentations provided virtually or in the community

  • Presentation topics include: "The Use of Music to Promote Development", "The Effects of Music on Brain Development", "The Advantages and Disadvantages of Recorded music, Music Videos, and Screen Time", and more!

  • 60-minute presentation: Starting at $300


Consultations provided virtually, in our clinic, or in the community

  • Education, resources, and training to caregivers, professionals, or organizations, on how to implement music experiences to promote development, learning, health, or wellness.

  • Varies based on hours/needs

Additional Traveling Fees from clinic:

  • 0-24 miles: $0

  • 25-30 miles: $20/session

  • 31-39 miles: $25/session

  • 40-49 miles: $35/session

  • 50-55 miles: $45/session

*Opportunity to waive/reduce based on number of sessions/hours of service

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