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5 Early Childhood Songs for Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching on October 31st, so this month I am session planning with this seasonal theme. Looking for songs to celebrate this Holiday in early childhood? Check out these songs about bats, monsters, dressing up, trick-or-treating, and all things spooky!

1. "The Shy Little Monster" by Stephanie Leavell

This song tells the story of a shy little monster who invites all his friends over for a costume party. He tries to find his voice so that he can jump up and yell, "boo". With some practice, and his friends help, he is able to get ready for his Halloween spooks! Music for Kiddos has a book that pairs with this song, or, you can use monster puppets to tell the story!

Listen here.

2. "Bitty Bitty Bat" by Stephanie Leavell

This is a minor key movement song that can be used as an active movement song or a calm-down movement song. Dynamics can also be practiced with the concepts of "big" and "small" used in the song. There is a lot of alliteration in this song which provides great practice for the /b/ phoneme. A bat puppet also pairs well with this song.

Click here to listen.

3. "I Love Halloween" by Stephanie Leavell

This Halloween themed movement song depicts common Halloween costumes for kids. Use visuals of the different Halloween costumes, or bring costumes in as props, such as a tiara to represent a queen.

Find it here.

4. "Monster Boogie" by Laurie Berkner

This song depicts "the biggest monster you've ever seen" with purple eyes and green teeth. This big and scary monster does the monster boogie and the monster wiggle. This movement song would also pair well with a monster puppet.

Listen to the song here.

5. "Halloween Stew" by Rachel Rambach, adapted from "Witches' Brew" by Hap Palmer

This lyric rewrite of "Witches' Brew" provides the opportunity for children to make choices in the song of what to put in the "Halloween Stew". A large gathering drum works well as a "cauldron" to put various props into, and a mallet can function as a stirring stick.

Check it out here.

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