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Are you in need of a gift for a birthday, holiday, or event? Here is a list of more unique, but fun instruments to check out!

Cabassa - An instrument that has layers of steel ball chains wrapped around a wooden cylinder with a handle. It can be played by taking the instrument itself and rubbing it against the leg, hand or arm. Cabassa Link

Boomwhackers - Colorful and hollow plastic tubes in different lengths depending on the different notes of the scale. It can be played by tapping the instrument on the ground or the hand Boom Whackers Link

Vibraslap - A percussion instrument consisting of a piece of stiff wire connecting a wooden ball to a hollow box of wood. It can be played by striking the ball with your hand or against your body. Vibraslap Link

Castanets - A pair of concave circles joined by a string and usually made from hardwood. It can be played by holding it in the hand and tapping them together with the fingers. Castanets Link

Rain Stick - A long hollow tube with items like beans, rice or pebbles. It can be played by tilting the stick upward to let the small items move from one end of the stick to the other. Rainstick Link

Ocean Drum - A drum full of beads inside in order to recreate the sound of crashing and rolling waves. It can be played by taking the drum in one or both hands and moving it around. Ocean Drum Link

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