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Are you a high school student thinking about choosing music as your future career path? Here are a few things to think about to help make the process easier as you begin! #Music #MusicCareer #MusicSchool

1. What Specific Music Degree Path Is For You

There are so many options including music performance, music education, music composition, music theory, music therapy, minor in music, music history, and jazz studies only to name a few. While most schools offer all of these, some might have alternatives or majors specific to that college or university. There is no fault in changing your degree, but normally you have to audition with a certain idea in mind.

2. Auditions

Speaking of auditions, I suggest you set up your audition as soon as you can and start practicing for it. It could be great to get a group of friends or family to watch you perform your audition repertoire to mimic a mock audition and make you less nervous the day of!

 3. Contact Your Professor

Try to contact the professors ahead of time for either a lesson or gathering information about the department. You will spend the next four years with this professor and having a teacher that you get along with and a teaching style that fits your future goals make a difference in your college or university experience.

4. Watching Concerts or Performances

See if the university or college has performances or concerts that you can attend or livestream. With COVID-19, a lot of schools will now have live streams but getting a chance to hear about what events, concerts, recitals, and performances that are happening can give you a sense of what groups you could be part of in the future!

5. Thinking Ahead

The last tip might be a broader subject, but it is good to start thinking about if you want to attend a department, school, or conservatory of music because each of those levels have different requirements and commitments. There are so many universities and colleges that have amazing options in each type so you have to find the best fit for you!

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