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Top 5 Songs I Use in Eldercare in the Fall

The first day of Fall this year is September 23rd, so this month I am session planning with the theme of, "Autumn". Keep reading to learn my favorite songs I use during this season in eldercare and Alzheimer's/Dementia care.

1. "Autumn Leaves" by Johnny Mercer

This wistful song reminisces about a lost love. The lyrics depict vivid Fall imagery, including, "Autumn leaves of red and gold". This song pairs well with visual aides of different Fall leaf colors. I show the residents the pictures of the different colors and ask them to share which one is their favorite. This is also a great opportunity to bring in some Fall leaves to pass around and to reminisce about raking and jumping into piles of crunchy leaves.

Click here to listen.

2. "Shine on Harvest Moon" by Jack Norworth and Nora Bayes-Norworth

This love song depicts lovers who want to "stay outdoors and spoon" by the light of the harvest moon. I often use this song for music-prompted reminiscence about harvest time, which was a substantial part of many of my clients' lives. I show a picture of a harvest moon as we discuss this season. It also provides the opportunity to reminisce about their significant others.

Listen here.

3. "Sippin' Cider Through a Straw" by Carey Morgan

This is another love song that describes two lovers sharing a cider by sipping through a straw. I bring a visual aide of piping hot apple cider and ask the residents if they enjoy apple cider in the Fall or if they prefer, coffee, tea, or hot chocolate instead. I also lead them in instrument playing on the off beats of the song.

Find it here.

4. "Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree" by Sam Stept, Lew Brown, and Charles Tobias

In this song, two lovers pledge their fidelity to one another while one is away serving in World War II. Song discussion occurs over apple picking, apple cider, and even apple pie while I show visual aides. I also pass out instruments and instruct my clients to imitate the rhythm of the word, "No" that is repeated in the song.

Check it out here.

5. "Shoo Fly Pie and Apple Pan Dowdy" by Guy Wood and Sammy Gallop

This song highlights the delicious desserts, Shoofly pie and Apple Pan Dowdy. Many of my residents enjoy reminiscing about enjoying their mother or grandmother's recipe as a child.

Listen to the song here.

Blooming Bridge Music Therapy, LLC specializes in eldercare, including Alzheimer's/Dementia care. If your organization is interested in group music therapy services in eldercare, you can find more information here.

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